Final Series Update

Photo by Hannan Selah for Essence Magazine

I’ve been diligently working on my series for my lighting class. There’s been a few hiccups, but that will not stop me from presenting my best work. I’d like to recreate a spread for Essence Magazine. My mom used to get them in the mail along with Jet Magazine when I was younger and I always loved looking them. I had a theme of my models wearing white t-shirts against a white background, but that doesn’t scream Essence Magazine. After reviewing my professor’s notes, I revisited the magazine’s website and came across this gallery which features hairstyles from Curlfest 2017.  While this is natural and/or on location lighting, I believe I can recreate the lighting styles in the studio.

I really love the above photo from the gallery. I like the model’s pose, her hair, the way light is hitting her…everything. I can recreate this with at least two lights – the key light will be used to create short lighting and there be a hair light. I have other photos I’d like to recreate. Once I do that, I need to tie in the hair products, which is the second major part of my final project.

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