End of Year Prep

It’s that time of year again: the end of spring semester. Assignments start to add up, final tests, projects, etc. are being introduced, and it seems like there isn’t enough time in the day to complete everything. Of course I feel like this from time to time; every college student does. But this time around, things feel a little different.

For one, this is my last spring semester in college. I’m graduating in December (yay!) but that doesn’t give me any extra room to play around. This semester, I feel like I’m working on things that I actually feel comfortable with putting in my portfolio. Recently, I did a 30 second PSA for class and was really proud of the outcome. There’s some things I could fix (my VO, for example) but since I have all the files, I can tweak it to make it portfolio ready. I’m also working on my final series, which was discussed in my last post, and I’m working on a two minute documentary on a photographer that I look up to.

While preparing myself for the last leg of the semester, I have to remember to put 110% in everything I do, even if it gets hard. I have to remember that it’s okay not to have an idea right away for an assignment, but it’s important to find inspiration as soon as possible. These last couple of weeks will go by EXTREMELY quickly. All the hard work will pay off. Someone will look at my work – whether it be my photography, videos or designs and animations – and say that I’ve done a good job.

Also important during this time of year: develop a thick skin. Critiques will be more detailed in some cases. Professors are not here to bash your work, but help you learn from your mistakes and guide you to becoming a better visual communicator.

I’m excited to see the outcomes of my final assignments. As of right now I have a video, photo series and website to work on. I’ll have updates on all of them soon.

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