Au Naturale

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It’s finals season! It sounds a bit early to say this, but for those majoring in Visual Communications, now is the time. So far, I’ve started gathering my thoughts for a video assignment and a photo series. Currently, my series will feature African American women who have decided to go natural. I decided to cut my hair back in 2014 and I don’t plan on getting relaxers ever again. While relaxed hair can be beautiful and healthy, the process itself is extremely damaging to your hair. Personally, it left my hair extremely dry after a few years and I suffered from extreme breakage in 2013 which is why I ended up doing the big chop. Since then, my hair has been at it’s strongest, healthiest, and at its longest length.

My personal experience with going natural is what encouraged me to create this series. The natural hair journey is different for everyone; hair textures may change with length, the growth of hair varies, and there are hundreds of hair products to choose from. I’d like to show that by photographing different women wearing different styles as well as the products that works best with their hair.

I came across this photo series that showcases young girls with natural hair. Although this isn’t the approach I’m going for, it’s definitely something for me to look back on. I love how you can see all the detail in the hair. My professor told me that would be one of my challenges, and I’m excited to take it head on.


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