A Post by Brandon Woelfel

Original tweet and images by Brandon Woelfel
Original tweet and original images are by Brandon Woelfel.

I’ve been following Brandon Woelfel, a New York based photographer, for a little over a year on Instagram. Since I only joined Twitter last year for a class, I’m not as active there. But I recently came across the above tweet by Woelfel and decided to give him a follow. I’ve seen the image on the right before on Instagram, but I didn’t know the image on the left existed. It’s definitely hard to believe that these were taken at the same place. I assume Woelfel is standing the same distance away from the model as well. This just shows how important getting the right equipment can be. It’s also important to know what your camera is capable of on certain settings. This is even more inspiration to invest in photography equipment.

Brandon Woelfel’s work has also inspired me to try to find my niche in photography. Currently, I don’t have a set style of photography because I like to explore different methods. But Woelfel has a definite style. When you look at an image, you’ll know it’s his work. I love talking about his work because I’ve never seen anything like it. Woelfel uses string lights, sparklers and other small light sources to enhance his photos and his models are usually holding or surrounded by them. I’d say Woelfel’s work has a whimsical feel.

If you’d like to see more of his work, check him out on social media:




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