Soon to Say “I Do.”

I had my first engagement shoot over spring break! It was a challenge for a few reasons, but my clients are satisfied with what they’ve seen so far. We’ve been planning this photoshoot for a little over a month. Deanna (bride to be) and I talked about location and props to be used. We decided to take photos at Swan Lake Iris Gardens in Sumter, SC, our hometown. Swan Lake is absolutely beautiful, especially on a sunny day when the flowers are in bloom.

We scheduled a time of 7:30 AM because Deanna likes photos taken around sun rise or sun set. I definitely enjoy taking photos during this time of day because of lighting and in the spring, it’s not as hot as the rest of the day.

I texted Deanna an hour before we were supposed to meet for the photo shoot to confirm that the weather was nice enough for pictures and that it was going to be a little chilly. As soon as I arrived at swan lake, it started to rain. I was worried about my camera, so I suggested taking pictures on the covered bridge that links the two sides of Swan Lake together. Because of the weather, the sun wasn’t out and everything looked pretty gloomy. Especially the covered bridge. The bridge has yellowish florescent lights and they reminded me of a horror movie. Time to relocate.

The rain stopped for a while, so we moved to another bridge. This one wasn’t covered and near the water. Everything was going smoothly, but one of the hand written props began to smudge. I took one of my favorite photos on this bridge. We didn’t stay long because a few angry swans were congregating near us and we didn’t want to get in the way.

Our last location was another covered bridge. This time, there was no harsh lighting and no angry swans. A couple of curious ducks walked through a few shots, but that was okay. I really liked this location because we were most comfortable here. My favorite shots came from this location. It wasn’t as dark outside as it was when we started and we we weren’t getting wet. By the time we made it to this location, the hand written prop was smudged even more, but we decided to use other props.

Overall, I definitely enjoyed this experience. I’m glad that I have friends who trust me with memories as large and important as engagements. I’ve been asked to photograph their wedding as well.

*I did not add a photo from this shoot because I do not have permission to do so at this time*

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