One of the First

My youngest sister, Aliyah in 2016

This was taken a few years ago using my very first camera: a Canon Powershot sx40 HS. Back then, I knew nothing about manual mode and exposure. I’ve never opened Photoshop at this point. This was definitely shot in auto mode and edited using a built in photo editing app on my laptop.  I like looking back at the photos from this camera because it shows how far I’ve come as a photographer. Sometimes it feels like I’m not really making progress, but that’s not true. I’m very glad that I switched majors and learned more about photography, but I still have a lot to learn.

Hello There!

headshot.jpgMy name is Valencia Abraham and I am a Visual Communications major at the University of South Carolina. While I enjoy my major as a whole, my favorite aspect is photography. I’ve been taking photography seriously for about two years now. I love to take portraits and do event photography, but I am open to try just about anything. Currently, I shoot with a Canon Rebel t6 and I use Adobe Bridge and Photoshop when editing my photos. When not working digitally, I shoot with a 35mm Canon FT film camera as well as a Fujifilm Instax Mini 9. The mini isn’t as professional, but who doesn’t love Polaroids? Aside from portraits and events, I have experience shooting sports, products, and brands. Here is a link to some of my professional work.